Margin Call showing utilised/debits field as 0.0 after successfull orders

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Hi Team, I am very disappointed today as margin available call showed 0 value in debits post successfull order today morning at 9:25. It has resulted in huge losses for me as my dynamic position sizing went for a toss. Request you to do proper RCA for this issue. Order Id: 210422000554876 for account JB0473. I thought zerodha calls are reliable but does not look like.
  • gaurmmec
    This is the response post 2 completed orders, lemme know if i can do any exception handling at my side:
    {'enabled': True, 'net': 5570657.26, 'available': {'adhoc_margin': 0, 'cash': 5570657.26, 'opening_balance': 5570657.26, 'live_balance': 5570657.26, 'collateral': 0, 'intraday_payin': 0}, 'utilised': {'debits': 0, 'exposure': 0, 'm2m_realised': 0, 'm2m_unrealised': 0, 'option_premium': 0, 'payout': 0, 'span': 0, 'holding_sales': 0, 'turnover': 0, 'liquid_collateral': 0, 'stock_collateral': 0, 'delivery': 0}}
  • gaurmmec
    @sujith kindly respond
  • themohammedfaisal
    themohammedfaisal edited April 23
    @gaurmmec, I believe there were some unusual margin errors yesterday and your funds/margin details might not have been updated after the order was executed, I believe this was only for the first 10 mins of trade and was resolved immediately.
  • gaurmmec
    Yes it was resolved later, but can u do this handling to avoid such issues in future, if i do retry will this solve any issues in future, this is blocker issue for me as i m dependent on this.
  • sujith
    This doesn't happen often, it is a super rare case. Like @themohammedfaisal mentioned there was an issue at OMS wherein margins weren't updating. But nevertheless, I would suggest you handle this kind of scenario at your end as well to mitigate the risk of losing money.
  • gaurmmec
    @sujith @themohammedfaisal Thanks, i have handled this at my end, kindly ensure at your end as well so that u can limit such occurrences.
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