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There are always additional clicks on the Holdings Page to view a chart, I have to click on the icon with 3 dots and then get to the charts. On the contrary with the view at the left side where I can build by custom list of stocks to view, I can hover over a stock and click on the chart icon, this is so convenient. I was wondering why not add a default option 'H' to show the list of holdings on the left so that it will facilitate a hover and click to view the chart and other details of any stock. I also don't have to build this list every time my position changes. I have attached a screen shot for reference as well.

Feature Request
1. Add a new tab along with the tabs 1 to 5 called 'H' to show the holdings view
2. Hide the search bar or disable it in this tab alone as it reflects the current holdings and one should not be able to add or remove any stocks in the list
3. Ensure all other features available in tabs 1 to 5 are available for the holdings view tab.
4. Optionally, have a option to enable or disable this tab if the user does not want to see it and retain only tabs 1 to 5. (Nice to have)
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    Hi @karfin,
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