MarketWatch enhancement for FNO traders

I have used the web trading software of at least half a dozen discount brokers. I am an ex software guy. I must compliment you on Kite Web, It light and uncluttered. It has but one drawback which is addressed to an extent in Fyers Web. And that is creation of Pre-defined options market watch where in Fyers you can select near week expiry option or near month expiry option or next weej or next month.
Your Market watch must have this. To make it better have a conditional market watch where I can define that i want options with highest OI or a price range say 100-200, a list of underlying symbols and sorting facility.
A conditional market watch must also dynamically exclude or dim out/disable the options restricted by exchange so I dont get NUDGE message after trying to buy/sell.
Conditional market watch definition will be a great addition if possible.
  • sujith
    Thank you very much for the compliment. We are glad you liked our platform.
    This forum is dedicated only to Kite Connect related queries. For other platform queries and feedbacks, you can connect with support.
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