Kite Watchlist - Can we add a comment column for users to keep their notes against each scrip

In the Kite watch list, Can we provide a space (a new column ) for the users to make their own little notes like “Buy if comes below abc, sell if goes above xyz” etc against each scrip. Every weekend I do a study of each of my watched scrips and make such notes to set the tone for next week’s trading. If u provide this feature for all, or at least a programmatic way to extend Kite for at least myself, I don’t have keep my notebook handy while trading. Thanks in advance
  • sujith
    sujith edited May 2021
    This forum is dedicated only to Kite Connect related stuff. You can write to support for other platform requests.
    PS: You can use sentinel or set an alert feature on the kite to get notified to buy abc when xyz reaches some price.
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