refresh_token purpose

georgeshanti edited May 2021 in General
So the Kite Connect API docs mentions that for approved platforms, on user login a refresh_token will be returned for long stand read permissions. For which APIs can I use the refresh token? And how do I use this refresh token to read data?
  • rakeshr
    Are you trying to build an application for retails clients?
    The refresh token is meant for platforms like smallcase. These are exchange-approved platforms that serve retail clients on a large scale.
    For consuming the APIs for personal use, you'll have to generate access_token daily. Check out the user auth flow here.
  • georgeshanti
    @rakeshr Yeah trying to build an app for retail clients. I spoke to a representative from Zerodha and I was told to clarify my doubt here.

    If our service gets approval from the exchange then can let our users view their kite portfolios after a single login without having to re-login every time?
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