Regarding change the stratagy in algologic,live

Dear sir,
how manage multiple stratagy in algologic .liv because i have taken API from zerodha to do algologic trading . but currently not generated calls more than one , call generates only once day but getting loss per calls daily . how manage other stratagy in
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. If you have an issue with a third-party app then you need to speak to them. You can run any number of strategies with one api_key as long as you don't exceed the rate limits.
  • mangeshdmore
    thanks for reply. But who person given me , they only me guide d how can register API and login. there is now third party.
  • sujith
    From Kite Connect's perspective, you can do anything you want. Your solution seems to be provided by , you can speak to their team for any changes you want on their solution. Kite Connect has no role in this.
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