How can I disable auto renewal of subscriptions?

How can I enable and disable auto-renewal of subscriptions?
  • sujith
    You need to link Zerodha account to developer account in order to enable auto-renewal and unlink the same to disable auto-renewal.
  • harikongu
    1. How API will work without linking developers account with Zerodha account? There is no problem with historical data API. How about base subscription to work without linking developer account?
    2. Can I subscribe to historical data API without subscribing to base subscription?
    Please refer me to some link or screenshot explains how to subscribe API.
  • sujith
    You need to link Zerodha account for every app whereas linking Zerodha account to developers account is optional.
    In order to retrieve historical data, you need an active Kite Connect subscription.

    You can go to create app page on developers console to know more details.
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