Postback not received

I am not receiving any reponse on my postback URL, which otherwise called in a web browser shows the response that it is meant to when it's method is called.

I am receiving the postback in PHP.

Kindly help.

  • arsh8singhs
    'tradingsymbol' => $tradingsymbol,
    'exchange' => "NSE",
    'transaction_type' => $transactionType,
    'order_type' => "MARKET",
    'quantity' => $quantity,
    'product' => "MIS"

    These are the order PARAMS.
  • arsh8singhs
    variety is regular
  • sujith
    The domain must be available to the internet so that Kite trade can post data once an order is executed.
    If I try to open your postback URL, it says site can't be reached.
  • arsh8singhs

    This is the URL that I am trying to access. And as you can see in the screenshot, the URL is getting accessed just fine. No issues at all.
  • sujith
    sujith edited January 2018
    Why don't you try with some other device or network?
  • arsh8singhs
    I tried but nothing worked. Tried different systems and different networks. The callback method present at the URL is simply not called.
  • prat
    @arsh8singhs what @sujith meant was trying to open the url from another device outside of your network (may me on a mobile device with 3g connection) because the web address is not reachable from outside world now.
    even i tried and there was no response from the address you have showed in the screenshot.
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