only Historic data API

As per this post ( . I need to pay 4k if I intend to use historic data api.
I am interested only in historic data API, is there any way to pay only for it (2k) and not for the whole app ?
  • sujith
    In order to use historical data, you need an active Kite Connect app.
    So you need the base subscription and then only you can get add-on subscription.
  • cisk
    cisk edited January 2018
    @sujith I personally feel that this pricing model is not helpful for developers at all. By the time we test the validity of our strategy, we would have shelled out a lot on both base subscription and historical subscription. For an app to be active either base subscription (to fire orders) or historical subscription(to fetch previous) data should be enough. While I do understand the platform offers a lot, however, the condition to subscribe both is just too much.
  • sameer
    @sujith I agree with @cisk ... not sure why I need to subscribe to tick data, if I just need historical data ? I have to unnecessarily spent 2K extra
  • sujith
    @cisk, @sameer,
    This forum is dedicated to technical queries.
    If you have any concerns about pricing you can send a mail [talk(at)] to the business team.
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