Quote call not returning values for some weekly BNF instruments

example BANKNIFTY08FEB1826800CE.
Similar issue was observed for 27600 CE of 01 FEB weekly expiry last week( which was later rectified )
  • vvijay
    Please check this. Unnecessary issues like this can cause Algos to abort / malfunction
  • vvijay
    26800 CE is now OK. issue with BANKNIFTY08FEB1826300CE
  • vvijay
    now BANKNIFTY08FEB1826300CE is ok . BANKNIFTY08FEB1826200CE is having issue. Please create an SOP for your production config team to create the complete option chain instrument list .
  • vvijay
    now KeyError: 'NFO:BANKNIFTY08FEB1825900CE'
  • sujith
    I think in both above cases it was not traded hence you didn't get the quote.
    Now, you can get the quote for BANKNIFTY08FEB1826200CE because it is traded after you posted this issue.
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