How to get Kite Connect Api key and a Secret_key after successful payment

Dear Sir,

I had register and successful payment of Kite Connect API. Now my question is how to get Api key and a Secret_key?
  • hiralzala
    I don't understand what information put in below screen?

  • sujith
    The redirect URL is needed for login flow and postback URL is an optional field need for receiving order postbacks.
    You can check out documentation for more information.
  • vijaysahu
    To get Secret_key do I have to pay some money? if yes then how much ? Is there any trial service provided by Zerodha ? Actually, I just wanted to check how does it work and if everything seems good to me then I will be more happy buy to go for paid one.
  • sujith
    Hi @vijaysahu,
    We don't have Sandbox environment yet. We are waiting for APIs from our OMS vendor.
    As of now, you need to pay to try it out.
    Kite Connect is a monthly subscription which will cost you Rs 2000. Once you get a base subscription, you can fetch orderbook, positions, holdings, funds, place orders, live market data and more.
    There is also an optional add-on subscription for historical data API.
  • atp
    @sujith . I have already paid subscription but in account api secret is not shown only api key is shown.
  • sujith
    You can go to the app details page on developers console and check out the bottom right corner to find the app secret.
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