Can order be placed using instrument token??


Can we place order using instrument token without using trading symbol??

If not please implement it.. as ticker accepts only instru token and placing order accepts only trading symbol... leads to unnecessary maintaining of both data for me..... Placing order should be done using instrument token as well..
  • sujith
    I am afraid we can't do that since OMS doesn't know what is instrument token. You need to send tradingsymbol and exchange to place orders.
  • mailboxofrafiq
    Then pls include tradingsymbol & exchange in ticker.. we will maintain only tradingsymbol..
  • sujith
    The Kite Ticker has been designed to be minimal and consume the least bandwidth possible. You need to maintain the map of instrument token and tradingsymbol with exchange at your end.
    Each tick is a binary message from the server. A full mode binary packet will have a size of 184 bytes.
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