Public access token for historical data

Kousik edited February 2018 in Python client
Am I required to login to my zerodha account everytime I would like to get the public access token to fetch historical data?
  • sujith
    Hi @Kousik,
    There is nothing called public access token.
    There are public token and access tokens which are session related tokens provided by Kite Connect.

    All the Kite Connect requests are authenticated access token. Once you get access token you need to store and re-use it and not fetch everytime you run the script.
    For more information about lifetime of access token, check out this thread.
  • Kousik
    @sujith By public access token, I meant public token. Will the public token stay constant forever or does it change on a daily basis
  • sujith
    It changes every day. It is not constant. You need an access token to fetch historical data.
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