How to place Option and Future contract orders ?

What will be syntax if we want to order Option (index, stocks ) contracts ? my understanding on equity syntax has been shared below, what need to be changed for option and future orders ?

  • sujith
    Everything remains same except exchange and product. The exchange will be NFO and product will be NRML to take an overnight position and MIS to take an intraday position.

    PS: MARKET orders are not allowed for options.
  • babansfolio
    Hi Sujith, Many thanks for your reply, if possible please share syntax for Option and Future contract orders as its involved Expiry of the instrument also, Is there any documentation present?
  • sujith
    You need to use Kite Connect 3 APIs, the older version will be deprecated soon.

    The example for pykiteconnect 3.7.0 beta will be something like this,
    place_order(variety='regular', exchange='NFO', tradingsymbol='NIFTY18FEBFUT',
    transaction_type='BUY', quantity='75', product='NRML', order_type='LIMIT', price='10366', validity='DAY',
    disclosed_quantity=None, trigger_price=None, squareoff=None, stoploss=None, trailing_stoploss=None, tag=None)

  • babansfolio
    Many Thanks for your quick support, I am having some problem with loading Kiteconnect3, how to upgrade exsisting kiteconnect to version3?

    Same problem also has been reported on,

    if possible could you please guide.
  • babansfolio
    Hi Sujith, For kiteconnect-3.6.2, what is the procedure to order Future and Options contracts?
  • sujith
    Hi @babansfolio,
    I would suggest don't waste time on old version because you seem to be starting now. Older versions will be deprecated soon. We will update readme to give proper instructions while upgrading to the new pykiteconnect.
  • sujith
    If you just want to know, how to place an order in old APIs, go through pykiteconnect's master branch documentation.
    Even though there is some syntax change in method invocation the params to be sent will remain same.
  • babansfolio
    @sujith : Many Thanks for reply, Just one more question, where I will get all required syntax for old and new python API ?
  • sujith
    You can check out changelog here.
  • chetan16
    how to give default quantity for 'NFO'??

  • sujith
    Hi @chetan16,
    Can you please create a new thread with a detailed description?

    PS: Please don't hijack threads, create new threads for new queries.
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