Unable to login to Zerodha account

ratanphayade edited March 2018 in General
Hi, I am unable to login to my Zerodha account from past 1 month. It says "login Id or password is invalid". Credentials are correct and I was using the same credentials for an year. Quick response is appreciated.
  • ratanphayade
    ratanphayade edited March 2018
    And moreover I cant able to contact customer support.
    1. It asks for ZPIN for which I have to login to kites. (080 4040 2020, 08033102020)
    2. Call gets dropped after waiting for 2 min. (080 3960 2020)
  • sujith
    Hi @ratanphayade,
    This forum is dedicated only toKite Connect related queries. Please write to support for any other queries. You can check out this thread to know more about ZPIN.
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