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Once i configure RedirectURL and Postback URL: in Kite Connect Developer account and
Zerodha User Authorizes by logging in to my app, Say (Client ID1111 , Client ID2222)
Question 1. - Do we get the Postback JSON (COMPLETE, CANCEL, REJECTED, UPDATE) payload for all the orders placed from any app i.e Kiteweb, Kite mobile app, pi...?
Question 2 - Do i get all the Order Status (COMPLETE, CANCEL, REJECTED, UPDATE) from all the authorized users of my app ( Client ID1111, Client ID2222)
Answer -

  • arjun
    Got the answer -


    This Postback API is meant for platforms and public apps where a single api_key will place orders for multiple users. Only orders placed using the app's api_key are notified.

    For individual developers, Postbacks over WebSocket is recommended, where, orders placed for a particular user anywhere, for instance, web, mobile, or desktop platforms, are sent.
  • arjun
    arjun edited March 2018

    How about below scenario,
    I have built a public app -> User Signup on my App using Kite Connect API - How can i retrieve all the Orders placed by all registered users in my app irrespective of User fires orders from KiteWeb , PI , or any other Custom Apps..?
  • sujith
    I am afraid that is not possible. User data cannot be shared with a third party app when an action is not originating from the app itself.

    This is simply out of consideration for our user's privacy.
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