Kite 3 python api - Few Qs on KiteTicker

1. What's the difference between last_trade_time and timestamp received in Kite 3 ticker?
2. What does on_message callback do? What messages do you intend to pass through this? Is it only notifications/system messages to subscribers? What purpose does it serve?

PS: I am migrating to Kite 3 on python.. hasn't been as much a pain as I thought it would be.
  • sujith
    The last_traded_time is the time at which last trade has happened and tick timestamp is the time at which tick was generated at the exchange.
    on_message is just a callback for all the messages sent via Kite Ticker like heartbeat ticks, order updates, our platform messages etc. It is just a raw callback to listen to messages sent from Kite Ticker.
    For Kite Connect users, we already do all the processing and send it via specific callbacks like on_order_update, on_ticks. pykiteconnect hides the heartbeat ticks also from the end user app. So you don't see the 0 byte ticks calling on_ticks callback.
  • razcads
    thanks. This clarifies it.
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