Performance Difference between websocket stream - LTP vs FULL mode

Hi @sujith,

Considering websocket streaming mode LTP is just 8 bytes and FULL mode is 144 bytes it is given there will be a minor network load if FULL Mode is used, however what is the lag added at your end to populate the data in FULL mode?

Is there is a difference between LTP and FULL mode is terms of time the data is sent to the subscriber? Like say if LTP data is recieved at 9:30:01:30 will the same stream for someone on FULL mode be sent at the same instant or will it be sent a few milliseconds/microseconds or after?

I need to understand and quantity this, not blaming the system for lags added as this is kind of expected.


  • sujith
    There won't be any time difference in delivering packets.
    The way Kite Ticker works is tick data is sent only when there is a change in data that is subscribed to.

    Let us say you subscribe for the same token on two different websocket connection with modeLTP in one and modeFULL is another. The frequency of ticks will be more in case of modeFULL since even for marketdepth change you will receive a tick whereas in modeLTP you are only listening for the change in LTP.

    If you are running ticker to generate candle data then modeQUOTE is an ideal way since you need to capture both LTP and volume data. Making a correct choice of mode will result in saving huge bandwidth. Since you will be running this for at least six hours a day.
  • razcads
    Thanks @sujith this is very useful.
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