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Hello, is there any video demo available how to create redirect url and use it? I think many are not aware how to use it? Do I need to install webserver? do I need to create any web pages? I am using java core to fetch the quotes. thanks
  • Shabeershah2002
    Appreciate if someone can give a picture on this , i also was about to ask the same thing ,
    Is there any possibility to use Websocket at Kite end and push notifications as and when the order executed ? so that such people who has no web page/server will be able to keep a connection to Websocket and get alerts ! ?,
    i am not a professional programmer so not sure how feasible that is !
  • Kailash
    @Shabeershah2002 Pushing postbacks via WebSockets is something we're working on. We should be able to make a release in the coming couple weeks.

    @balasoft80 You can set the redirect_url to (local IP) and have the redirect go there. Since you aren't running a web server, you'll get an error. That's okay. Once the redirect happens, you can manually copy the request_token from the query params in the browser and use it in your application, wherever that is. This is the easy way (with manual intervention).

    Otherwise, you setup a webserver on your localhost ( which receives the redirect_token and passes it to your trading app. Here, your trading app has to interface with the webserver, which is a slightly more complicated setup.
  • balasoft80
    if that is case I can set up tomcat server and run the local host. but what should there in the default page? I mean how can I capture the token details?
  • Kailash
    The page can be anything. You just have to capture the request_token from the GET params in the url. Eg:
  • balasoft80
    thank you so much for the quick response
  • Shabeershah2002
    @Kailash , thats really a good news you are about to release Order Update via Websocket , excited to hear from you ......

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