Lag in ticks/quote

I tried to compare the lastTraded price of the same scrip between websocket API and getQuote(say every second). What I found is, the websocket data was delayed by 10-15 seconds. ( NIFTY18JULFUT is a good scrip to repro this or anything scrip which doesn't change in 10 seconds)

I was having a stop loss of 0.25 % in my code, but because of the delay, it sometimes goes beyond 0.50 % loss.

I assumed websocket would be More LIVE than getQuote as I faced more losses in the later a while ago but its happening the other way now. Btw, Kite-marketwatch in web matches getQuote now.
  • smir99
    Hi, 100% agree with your point
    Web socket data is delayed or else u can say very slow
    Due to which order getting placed slowly
    For example HDFC stock has a buying price is of 1929 once it cross 1929 I am placing buy order via api but order getting executed at 1936 ...So loss of 7₹ is happening in entry price itself
    No meaning to use auto trade if prices are delayed
  • rayi
    I also agree to this point. Websocket data is very delayed. I donot know why Zerodha never acknowledges this.
  • sujith
    We haven't come across this. The same Kite Ticker is being used on our platforms.
    Make sure you are not blocking the main thread where you are listening for ticks.
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