Is there a way to automatically fetch securities blocked for MIS?

I was trying to place an MIS order for MMTC. The order was rejected saying "rms:blocked for nse_cm mmtc-eq mis block type: all". On further search, I found this that the risk management system has blocked MIS on this security. Is there a way to automatically fetch the list of stocks allowed/blocked for MIS?
  • sujith
    Hi @suyashb,
    You can check excel sheet which is available at bottom of the table here.
  • suyashb
    Thanks @sujith . How often is the sheet updated?Is it on a daily basis or several times within a day?
  • sujith
    Hi @suyashb,
    It is updated every morning. There usually isn't any change unless there could be a volatility in the markets and our RMS Team decides to update the list with that scrip.
  • Asif
    Asif edited May 2018
    Hi @sujith ,

    Why don't you also maintain an API for securities blocked for MIS? The way margins list is maintained

    Or there is already API available for this?

    Alternatively, you can add all other equities with MIS (1x) to so that we would have complete list of equities available for MIS trading.

    Also, I did not find any list (API or Excel) of blocked securities for MIS for BSE. This is because there are many stocks available in BSE but on on NSE. Or the list contains both BSE and NSE stocks. If yes, how we would be able to know which stock is available (listed) only in BSE and not in NSE?

  • naz
    As suggested above, It will be really helpful to implement the above suggestion and provide full data as an API:
    1) list of equities with MIS (margin > 1x)
    2) list of equities with MIS (margin = 1x)
    3) list of equities blocked for MIS trading.

    Downloading daily data from a google sheet will be a bit cumbersome and not efficient. Let us know if this can be done quickly.
  • MadanGoyal
    In the google sheet link and the zerodha margin calculator link given by you, only the equity scrips are mentioned in MIS positions are blocked. Yesterday when I placed a BO order in PCJEWELLER MAY FUTURE, it got rejected for same reason (RMS Blocked....) but when I tried to place exactly similar BO order in its cash equivalent PCJEWELLER EQ, it was accepted. Can you clarify this? Also, is there a sheet or list similar to the cash list link provided by you for futures also?
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