Regarding Last Traded Quantity

The field Last Traded Quantity has some weird behaviour so want to know what is it?
TV- Total Volume
LTQ-Last Traded Quantity
LTP-Last Traded Price

1. If Ltp changesTV changes LTQ changes and LTQ is less that the difference between V(t)-V(t-1). All fine and all good
2. LTP doesnt change-> TV changes-> LTQ doesnt change...what is really going on here?
3. LTP changes->TV changes and LTQ doesn't change for a long period of time... what is going on?

I know you guys send the snapshot data for 1 sec we wont get LTQ properly and will never be LTQ==TV.I don't want that either .
I want to know what exactly is LTQ ? When does this data come to the user, is this event driven?logic driven? Is this a consistent behaviour?What is the logic of LTQ coming to the client?Does it at all follow any Logic?
  • Matti
    @rayi LTQ is event-driven. It is basically the number of shares/units of a contract that were traded in the last tick that is updated.
  • rayi
    rayi edited June 2018
    @Nikhil.A 'change in tick' means what according to Kite/Zerodha with respect to API Client?
    Can I say 'Change in tick' when I as a client receive new TV or there is a increase in TV?
  • rayi
    @sujith @vivek your thoughts?
  • sujith
    A change in tick can be a change in any of the subscribed fields.
    Let us say you have subscribed in modeLTP, you will receive a tick only when there is a change in LTP. If you have subscribed to ModeFULL then you will receive a tick even when there is a change in any of the marketdepth data.
    The last traded quantity is the quantity of the last trade that happened at the exchange.
    It won't be same as the change in volume since Kite Connect doesn't provide Tick By Tick data(TBT). Kite Connect provides something called level 2 data which is provided to all the members of the exchange. In order to use TBT data, your setup needs to be at the exchange. It might cost you around 18 lakhs per annum for this setup.

    There can be hundreds of trades at the exchange in a second and it is not possible for any trading platform to show all the tick via the internet. You can know more here.
  • rayi
    thanks @sujith .. I am subscribed to full Mode and then scenario-2 happens

    LTP doesnt change-> TV changes-> LTQ doesnt change...

    To me this is bug if your previous premise holds true
  • rayi
    @sujit can you confirm this?
  • sujith
    It is possible right because there can be market orders or limit orders at the same price so LTP didn't change and volume changes.
    LTQ is just a volume of the last trade and it is possible that the last trade also happened with the same quantity right.
    As you mentioned by Nithin in the above post there can be many trades in a second, the exchange just sends us the snapshot in the level 2 data. It is not really Tick By Tick data.
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