NIFTY 50 - Wrong Data 9/07/2018 03:00 PM



Its been some minutes now NIFTY 50 index only in Zerodha (including Kite Web + API) showing wrong data its been fluctuating 10044 and the actual 10849.
is anyone else facing this issue ?
  • aharish
    Yes. I also had the same issue. See the Sensex value oscillating between 32k and 35k within seconds as per API data.

    My algo sent almost 100 orders in 5 minutes. I was fortunate that most of these orders got rejected due to the circuit limit.

    But it shakes the confidence. How can we put serious money if we are not sure about correctness of data.
  • dev_trader
    At around 3 PM on 9th July 2018, I got wrong values for the following stocks:
    1) For "KTKBANK", I got a price of "156.45" which was way off from its correct price at that time.
    2) For "CANBK", I got a price of "334.8" which was again way off from its correct price at that time.
    3) For "STRTECH", I got a price of "227.65" which was again way off from its correct price at that time.

    Can someone from the Kite-Team please look into it? Also, can someone please let me know the reason why this happened?
  • rakeshr
    @aharish @dev_trader @Shabeershah2002
    This happened because TR connected UAT adapter to live feeds adapter. We are waiting for an explanation from TR.
  • dev_trader
    @rakeshr , what is "TR"?
  • rakeshr
    Thomson Reuters, our vendor.
  • dev_trader
    @rakeshr , ok.
    Can you please update this ticket with the details once you get a response from your vendor?
  • ssashita
    This is completely scary ! Our scripts totally depend on these prices, and now I have a lot of undoing and correcting to do in our database because of this.
  • vinay2901
    Faced same issue. IOC: price was 157.3, it was showing 407
  • vinodhec
    Faced this same issue at 09:16:17AM, all the values of that tick is wrong. For example TV18BRDCST (3637249) has ltp value as 47.8 but as per kite or vendors, it never reached below 48.20 till 9.30AM.

    It has spoiled my algo, as it has different low value.
  • vinodhec
    Can u please confirm the above issue also due to TR, if not can you check from your end ASAP. Also this is all stocks at that time.
  • Shabeershah2002
    This is really not a simple issue !!!!!!!, everything gone wrong from algo ........ how we can trust on this now..

  • rakeshr
    Yes,we can confirm issue was from TR.We are awaiting response from their end.
  • rakeshr
    Will update the thread once we receive any update.
  • girish400
    kite.ltp, kite.position API's are terribly goofed up.

    For some reasons when I decided to poll kite.position API to get pnl value it would not show correct pnl.

    Due to the frequent disconnection of the ticker, I decided to poll kite.ltp api and ended up getting SBI day

    high of Rs/- 265.00. When crossed checked with the chart, the chart never shows that SBI went high of Rs/-

    265.00 today.
  • dm_jadhav
    See below one sample tickdata i got at 3pm. I got datetime of year 2017 in tickdata. Please avoid such issues in future.
    [{'tradable': True, 'mode': 'full', 'instrument_token': 81153, 'last_price': 1872.8, 'last_quantity': 3, 'average_price': 1885.63, 'volume': 302855, 'buy_quantity': 86636, 'sell_quantity': 100723, 'ohlc': {'open': 1910.0, 'high': 1910.0, 'low': 1872.05, 'close': 1919.5}, 'change': -2.432925240948166, 'last_trade_time': datetime.datetime(2017, 9, 22, 10, 1, 2), 'oi': 0, 'oi_day_high': 0, 'oi_day_low': 0, 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2017, 9, 22, 10, 1, 8), 'depth': {'buy': [{'quantity': 5, 'price': 1872.45, 'orders': 1}, {'quantity': 112, 'price': 1872.4, 'orders': 4}, {'quantity': 10, 'price': 1872.35, 'orders': 1},
  • prakash.jj
    This is so frustrating....and stop giving reasons of vendors....we are paying for you not for your vendor.... Isn't it your responsibility to to give us stable API.
  • Ramkrishna
    can post more, but data screwed up.
  • Shabeershah2002
    This is started since we paid them to find their issues and they fix it !! , they never provided a test environment until now , but they keep on charging us and by the help of our findings and feedback they keep on fixing bugs on their API , end of the day we are losers , luckily no financial impact on me today , otherwise it would have been disaster ...
  • Shabeershah2002
    This is also one of the findings we did for them by paying our money to them !!
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