Convert position from MIS to NRML

How can i convert my MIS position to NRML in Is there any method is available.
  • HowUTrade
    I'm assuming KiteNet...

    Currently no method to do this.
    We are adding this in coming release.
  • srreedhar2001
    Thanks, Its a very important feature. Requesting to add. Is there any timeline to do this.
  • HowUTrade
    Hopefully in 1-2 weeks
  • srreedhar2001
    Hi, Is there any update on above request. (Converting NRML to MIS)
  • srreedhar2001
    Hello @HowUTrade , Waiting for your response.
  • HowUTrade

    We will update this weekend. Most probably, you will test it on next Monday.
  • srreedhar2001
    @HowUTrade Thanks for update.
  • srreedhar2001
    @HowUTrade , Is there any update on this request.
  • HowUTrade
    We are still working on the new release.
    But this has been included in the test version.
    You can download the test version from here

    Install as usual.
    Post install of new version you may get error in your Excel.
    This is explained here

    No need to change anything in your existing Excel/App.
    You can just your existing Excel sheet.

    You just need to add UDF for position conversion.
    QtyToConvert : No of shares in case of EQ or no of lots (NOT LotSize) in case of FUT
    OldProduct : MIS or CNC/NRML
    New Product : CNC/NRML or MIS

    Public Function PositionConversion(ByVal Exch As String, ByVal TrdSym As String, ByVal Trans As String, ByVal QtyToConvert As Integer, _
    ByVal OldProduct As String, ByVal NewProduct As String, Optional ByVal PositionType As String = "day") As Variant
    On Error GoTo ErrHandler:
    PositionConversion = Kite.PositionConversion(Exch, TrdSym, Trans, QtyToConvert, OldProduct, NewProduct, PositionType)
    Exit Function
    PositionConversion = Err.Description
    End Function
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