Feasiblity of an algorithm using kite.trade APIs

Hi All,

Before getting started with kite.trade APIs, I want to understand if the below strategy is possible to be coded using Python APIs.

Price should be already above 20 DMA
As soon as the price crosses above 3 EMA, buy signal is generated
This needs to be in the 1 hour candles
Although the candles are 1 hour, but the BUY signal needs to be generated as soon as the trigger condition is met (even if it is the 10th or 20th minute of that candle)

SL- 1 % ; Profit - 2%

Thank you.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is only an execution platform wherein you can place orders, get live market data, fetch orderbook, positions and more.
    Kite Connect doesn't provide any assistance or solutions for writing strategies.
  • shortwire
    @babaramdev yes its possible using any API based platform. But you need to write custom code for generating the 1 hour candle as well as the EMAs. Kite connect will not provide you with that. Historical api from Kite connect will provide you the desired candle, but since you require that if EMA cross happens even while the candle is getting formed and not necessarily closed, hence you cannot rely on candle creation from historical API. From the ticks received, you need to create a 1 minute candle, and from the 1 minute candle you can create a 1 hour candle. On top of these candle data, you can then write a code to create your 2 indicators. On signal crossover, you have to call the trading APIs in Kite connect to place the trade, manage the trade and exit the trade based on your strategy.
  • suraj3003

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  • Pavan
    Possible.. Write code accordingly which meets your criteria.. Use Historiucal APIs(1Hour) and use KiTE connect APIs for buying and selling... Better read developer docs first and decide..
  • vihan13singh

    I'm Vihan Singh, founder & CEO at Blackrose Technologies. We're a quantitative derivatives trading firm operating in the Indian markets.

    Your strategy seems quite simple in its mechanics and can definitely be coded on Python. However, I am skeptical regarding its effectiveness. Our team can help you with further development, testing, risk management and deployment of the strategy on a variety of platforms (Zerodha, UpStox, IB, Oanda, SaxoBank etc.)

    Feel free to call us on +91-9810171088 or email us at [email protected] if you would like to connect.

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