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h3h3 edited August 2018 in Market data (WebSockets)
@sujith Websocket data and chart data vary a lot frequently, any way to get the data using which the chart was plotted? that specific OHLC data.

Like when I make a request at 9:16 I need ohlc of the 9:15 candle.

Is this possible?
  • Imran
    Hii h3h
    Option 1.generate the Ohlc candles using websocket data at your own end. (If programmed correctly Ohlc will not differ much)
    Options 2. Use historical Ohlc data (not recommended for live trading only suitable for backtesting)
  • h3h3
    @Imran By option 1, it does differ enough to screw up signals.

    By option 2, will I get the data the way I want? OHLC for the most recent past candle?
  • Imran
    Yes.. options 2 gives Ohlc data for recent past candles..
    Therefore at 9:16 you can get Ohlc for 9:15 using historical add-on.
  • h3h3
    okay :smile: thanks
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