Previous F&O Series Historical Minute Wise Data


We have found difficulty in getting historical options data for previous series.

"It is not possible to retrieve instrument_tokens for expired contracts from the API, unless you regularly download and cache them."

Any ideas on how we can get the data?
  • rakeshr
    Go through this thread to understand how does continuous chart works.
    If you want to get Nifty July contract data, you don't need instrument token for july contract,but you can pass current nifty contract instrument token with extra param of continuous=1.
    Something like this for Python:
    kite.historical_data(instrument_token=10991874(current Nifty instrument_token),from_date='10-07-2018', to_date='26-09-2018', interval='day', continuous=True)
  • shortwire
    As Rakesh mentioned, you can use the continuous feature. But I am guessing you need minute data. Let me know via PM what you need and I will share you some options.
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