Does Kite Connect API enable you to view each and every active buy/sell order ?

I am planning on developing my own fully automated trading webapp. I need to know if Kite Connect API lets you view each and every active buy/sell order for a stock that is out there on the market. On Kite platform you can view 5 or 6 best orders with Market Depth. Does the API allow every order to be viewed or will I be restricted to Market Depth kind of situation.
  • rakeshr
    No,only top 5 bid and ask market depth data is available via APIs.
  • RAHUL2015
    @rakeshr Thank you. I was actually toying with the idea of taking advantage of arbitrage between NSE and BSE. I did read about someone attempting the same thing with Kite API and he seemed to have failed mostly because the taxes negated his profits. Is it worth attempting again though ?
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