order updates in websocket

In kite v3 documents it is written that
For individual developers, Postbacks over WebSocket is recommended, where, orders placed for a particular user anywhere, for instance, web, mobile, or desktop platforms, are sent.
also in https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/websocket/#postbacks-and-non-binary-updates. it says order updates ll be sent in websocket but order json is empty in websocket response. only market updates are received in websocket non binary updates.
  • sujith
    You will receive a text message in the JSON format for order update.
    Market data are served as binary messages.
  • maddy123
    @sujith the document says the order details ll be sent in websocket non binary response on any order changed. but currently only a response is received without order details. Can u please confirm.
  • sujith
    It seems to be working fine. You won't get order update when you place an order. It will be sent only when there is an update in that order.
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