Live Streaming Market Data

When I try to stream live market data for Reliance, It streams correct information every 1 second or so. When I tried to stream in live market data for another instrument (TATASTEEL), it gave me no data. The on_tick() callback was not triggered. And for another instrument (SHYAMAINFO), the last traded price was shown as 0.0. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?
  • trade_then
    Anything is possible ( bug or otherwise ) but data is not streamed from Kite platform with respect to time intervals, but with respect to change in data. that is if stock is less liquid and there is no activity in it for that period no streaming is done from Kite server side. when activity happens, that is when trade happens. or change happens in aspect of Scrip that is relevant to the steaming kind you have selected data is delivered. like ltp mode is tied to change in ltp and so on.

  • nirmalthomas26
    So For LTP Mode, There should be data streamed in as there is a change in ltp right? But then for Instrument Id 738561, I am receiving data in LTP Mode, even when there has been no change in the ltp. While for some of the other instruments, I do not receive any data.
  • sujith
    Hi @nirmalthomas26,
    Can you give instrument token for TATASTEEL which you used to fetch data? There are multiple instruments in the dump as there are BE, BL series also.
    SHYAMAINFO seems to be illiquid right now.
    @trade_then 's explanation is correct. I just tried modeLTP for 738561 and I printed LTP of every tick and the values are different.
  • nirmalthomas26
    @sujith Instrument Token I used for TATASTEEL -> 153720324

    I also did try out a few other instruments out of which one was MANAPPURAM, for which I got the same response as with TATASTEEL.

    Thank you
  • sujith
    The correct instrument token for TATASTEEL(NSE) is 895745, you seem to be subscribing to TATASTEEL 6(153720324) which is an illiquid instrument.
  • VICKY123
    VICKY123 edited December 2018
    where to get the instrmenet -->script name mapping ..
    for example, Yesbank=XXXX, Tatasteel=yyyy.

    i am a new user, i have only script name like yesbank,Canbk. Facing difficulty in finding respective instrument name. pls share java based code snippet pls.

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