Not able to Authorize the app

Getting the below error while authorizing the app
{"status":"error","message":"Invalid session","data":null,"error_type":"TokenException"}

I am doing this for the first time. Also checked the relevant thread but yet to find a solution
  • mohcse
    I have followed the documentation and still facing the issue

    Note: I have mentioned the zerodha user id while creating the app
    Please check the below.

  • sujith
    You can only use the Kite Connect app with the user id as entered in the app details page on the developers console.
  • mohcse
    I am using only one id which I used for creating app. Please help to resolve this issue
  • sujith
    You might have added space in the user id section, I would suggest checking that on developers console.
  • mohcse
    I have checked in developers console and there is no space before and after user id
  • sujith
    Are you sure you are using the same client id as mentioned there?

    You will see this error only when there is a mismatch in the client id mentioned in the developers console and the Kite Connect login.
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