Too many requests

I am getting error Too many requests even though I am sending requests for list of stocks for every 5 minutes. May be I am sending more than 60 requests/second for every 5 minutes. Is it possible to get all stock data (may be group wise..A..B etc) like Bhav copy. So it will be easier from your side to send content of stored file content(1m or 5m) with live data for all stocks.
  • Kailash
    Hi @RJ0958 We don't have a mechanism to dump stock data right now, but this is something we may add.

    Please trying spacing your requests apart to not hit the rate limits. Also, if you want minute data, you can stream live data using WebSockets and form the minute candles at your end.
  • RJ0958
    Thanks, does streaming for 500 stocks is feasible? (I have not tried). Is Websocket API is request response model or subscribe/publish model?
    Or spacing request with the delay of 1 sec is OK for you( max. 22000 reqs per day)?
    Bhav copy of exchanges with candle data of 3000 stocks is just 250kb.
    I have the need of getting live data for big set of stocks for every 5 minutes so that I can avoid frequent call of instruments/historical or instruments api.
  • Vivek
    @RJ0958 Websocket streaming is pub sub model so you should be able to subscribe to 500 stocks without any issue.
  • RJ0958
    I tried Websocket API with 200+ stocks subscribed. It is working great and seamlessly. But quotes for some of the stocks are getting pushed with the delay more than 5 minutes even though there were significant trades happened during that time. Is this delay because "There was not significant change in the price for that stock?" If yes, what is the change limit set to identify change in price triggering quote push.
  • soumyadeep
    I have also seen that when you stream more scrips then many scrips are just ignored and are streamed with a big delay. So many trades would have happened by then. So I dont know how reliable is it to stream so many scrips using one websocket connection.
  • Kailash
    @RJ0958 @soumyadeep We're releasing a new beta library that uses the Autobahn WebSocket client. Hopefully these issues (which we still haven't been able to reproduce at our end), will be resolved.
  • kiran
    @Kailash: i have this issue with just 10 instruments historical calls with threading implemented and this is the first time i ran within this minute. Do you have any other limitations apart from the 60 hits / minute??

    Time of Occurrence: "2016-09-09 00:40:58,657"

  • sabyasm
    I receive the same error when using 4 threads which roughly translates to 4 requests/second. I have seen somehow 3 req/second works.

    Note: the requests are SL modification for BO/CO and not any websocket call.
  • Kailash
    @kiran @sabyasm Apart from the the req/sec limit, there are no other restrictions. You just have to space your requests apart so that multiple requests do not go through at the same second.
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