SSL Issue with generateSession

Hi, I am getting SSL issue with generateSession on my local machine..
How can I manage this?
requestAccessToken with previous version of kiteconnect is working fine
  • sujith
    Can you post the complete stack trace here?
  • SSG
    Authentication failed: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate#0 C:\wamp64\www\Trade\AUTOT\kiteconnect.php(868): KiteConnect->_curl('https://api.kit...', 'POST', Array, Array) #1 C:\wamp64\www\Trade\AUTOT\kiteconnect.php(805): KiteConnect->_request('api.token', 'POST', Array) #2 C:\wamp64\www\Trade\AUTOT\kiteconnect.php(254): KiteConnect->_post('api.token', Array) #3 C:\wamp64\www\Trade\AUTOT\methods.php(18): KiteConnect->generateSession('dpFICMYKsBJvP0s...', 'slskqw7cbtcrb6c...') #4 {main}

    Thanks for quick response. :)
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread.
  • SSG
    Thanks Sujith!.. You are a rockstar (Y)
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