Timestamp is not available in ticker.modeFULL in NODE JS

Hi Team,

Why there is no timestamp data available in FULL MODE while fetching ticker data using Node js API ?
  • sujith
    Can you let us know more about it? It does include tick timestamp in full mode.
  • neerleo88
    I am fetching tick in FullMode using Node JS function but there is no TIMESTAMP present in the fetched data. Could you please check

    Below is the data I am getting.

    [ { tradable: true,
    mode: 'quote',
    instrument_token: 54489351,
    last_price: 4322,
    last_quantity: 3,
    average_price: 4310.87,
    volume: 159,
    buy_quantity: 571,
    sell_quantity: 580,
    ohlc: { open: 4339, high: 4339, low: 4306, close: 4346 },
    change: -0.5522319374137138 } ]
  • neerleo88
    The code I am using is below

    ticker.on("ticks", onTicks);
    ticker.on("connect", subscribe);

    function onTicks(ticks) {

    function subscribe() {
    var items = [54489351];
    ticker.setMode(ticker.modeFULL, items);
  • neerleo88
    Hi Sujith,

    I used "modeFull" instead of "modeFULL" and its working now . I am getting the timestamp now.

    But for nifty bank index , the timestamp is not correct at all. Please find below.
    [ { tradable: false,
    mode: 'full',
    instrument_token: 260105,
    last_price: 29180.65,
    { high: 29261.3, low: 29147.5, open: 29261.3, close: 29288.2 },
    change: -0.36721273413866085,
    timestamp: 1970-01-19T00:34:47.537Z } ]

    Could you please correct this issue at your end
  • neerleo88
    Hi @sujith ,

    Did you get a chance to look into this issue
  • neerleo88

    Any updates ???
  • sujith
    We have asked kiteconnectjs team to take a look at this.
  • neerleo88
    Can you please provide me any ETA for this issue
  • sujith
    This issue is fixed in the new release kiteconnectjs 3.0.2 you can use the same.
  • neerleo88
    Thanks @sujith

    Its working fine now
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