NetworkException: Request failed (kitetrade-oms)

Received the following exception 3 times today, towards the close of market-session.
kiteconnect.exceptions.NetworkException: Request failed (kitetrade-oms).
The exceptions module says it represents an internal error at Kite. Could you please elaborate if you had issues at your end. and how frequently do these occur in a day?
class NetworkException(KiteException):
"""Represents a network issue between Kite and the backend Order Management System (OMS). Default code is 503."""
  • rakeshr
    As stated above it's because of network issue between kite and our OMS.As seen it mostly occurs only for very few instances during market open and market close last minutes, when load on OMS is at it highest. So, for above network exception, we would recommend to catch network exception, check order book if required order was placed, if placed pass the exception else place the request again.
  • matrix
    Alright, thanks for the explanation @rakeshr !
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