Bracket order squaresoff immediately after execution without waiting for stoploss_limit or squareoff

Today I tried placing many Yesbank BO orders using kite connect,
Surprisingly the orders were squared of as soon as they executed.


the above order executed at 1278.85 and squaredoff at 1278.4

where as orders placed directly from kite were waiting to hit either stop_loss or squareoff_value , but orders placed from kiteconnect were being squared off immediately after order execution.
please resolve.
  • sunil55tyagi
    I raised the ticket also but got very pathetic reply :
    Your reply to support request #523355 has been received. We will get back to you shortly.
    following was their reply :smile:
    " Please note that Bracket Orders are algorithmic orders which are executed based on a logic created in the software. This is just the way the system works for safety on a highly leveraged product."
  • Vivek
    @sunil55tyagi can you pm me your api_key? I will go through orders log.
  • sunil55tyagi
    please provide your email id
  • sunil55tyagi
    @vivek please provide your email id
  • sunil55tyagi
    Today also same thing happened with following orders: product=BO&quantity=1&squareoff_value=1&transaction_type=SELL&stoploss_value=1&access_token=xxx&trigger_price=&api_key=yyy&price=262.6&tradingsymbol=ADANIPORTS&exchange=NSE&validity=DAY&order_type=LIMIT&disclosed_quantity=1 Response Code : 200 {"status": "success", "data": {"order_id": "161007000067580"}} product=BO&quantity=1&squareoff_value=20&transaction_type=SELL&stoploss_value=20&access_token=xxx&trigger_price=&api_key=yyy&price=263&tradingsymbol=ADANIPORTS&exchange=NSE&validity=DAY&order_type=LIMIT&disclosed_quantity=1 Response Code : 200 {"status": "success", "data": {"order_id": "161007000075428"}} Please rectify the problem .
  • Vivek
    @sunil55tyagi Please post your app name and email id you have used to signup for Kite developer console.
  • sunil55tyagi
    sunil55tyagi edited October 2016
    email id : [email protected]
    app name : sunil_kite_connect
  • sunil55tyagi

    Response Code : 200 {"status": "success", "data": {"order_id": "161007000075428"}}
    but order squared off @ 263.05 .
    It should not squaredoff until either of the lmits have hit which I intentinaly placed @20 on each side
  • sunil55tyagi
    It seems system is not taking the squareoff_value and stoploss_value parameters ,
    rather ignoring them.
  • Vivek
    Vivek edited October 2016
    @sunil55tyagi I checked our logs and it seems that you are placing normal order and not BO. You are making POST request to /orders/ which ideally should be /orders/bo for placing BO orders. Please check the documentation here for order placing.
  • sunil55tyagi
    thank you vivek,
    Please tell me one more thing when I get the order status/details
    if the order type BO the response does not contain what were the stoploss_value and squareoff_value ,
    Which I posted along with the order earlier
  • Vivek
    @vivek Those params are ignored and it just took the price and trigger price.
  • nilesh.kute2008

    I too have the same issue, the order gets squared off immediately. I'm passing all values as explained by sunil. but I'm using the python client. I mention product type as BO. am I missing anything else.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Vivek
    @nilesh.kute2008 Are you posting order to right endpoint for bo? For bo it should be /orders/bo with the required fields.
  • nilesh.kute2008
    Hi Vivek,

    Thanks a lot. that worked. There were 2 arguments which were not passed.
    Variety="bo" and Validity="DAY"

    Once these were passed. it worked perfectly.

    Thanks again.
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