issue in web-socket stream live rates

Hello Kite Team,

since last 2 days we are facing issue in your web-socket live stream.
we are not getting proper rates in your live feeds as compare to NOW , ODIN and even KITE app.

we are getting wrong ticks in your live stream.
even your kite app is working perfect and match with NOW and Odin but live web-socket stream gives different rate.
+ your rest API ( like getlastquote ,getlastltp..) works perfect at same time .

because of this issue i am getting wrong signals in my analysis.
so request you to give genuine answer.


  • razcads
    Hi @sbdavra when you say wrong ticks.. do you mean ticks are being missed? I seem to be missing a lot of ticks sometimes price would have moved almost 50 pts by the time a tick is got.. I think its down to KiteTicker disconnecting.. not sure. @sujith / Zerodha team, is there an issue currently?
  • sbdavra

    just wants to know one more thing ....

    is there any possibilities that Rest API getlastquote do not work properly and gives wrong rate in response.

    becasue yesterday i also faced this issue in after 11:10 PM in silver , nickel etc....

    i.e .. in web-socket stream it gives rate 48000 for silver December future and at same time if i call rest request of getlastltp ot getlastquote it gives 48100.

    so how this happens, please verify everything and let me update what exactly was the reason behind it .

    waiting for your genuine response....
  • sujith
    This shouldn't be happening. Are you sure you are not blocking the main thread?
    Is this happening right now?
    The getQuote call also fetches price from the Kite Ticker only. There shouldn't be much difference.
  • sbdavra
    Thank for your response...

    this is second time i got this answer about blocking of main thread ,
    can you explain in detail at technical level ??

    if we are blocking main thread then how it is running good since last 3 months
    this type of issues i am getting some times only. (hardly 1,2 times a month)
    and i already posted other issues on proper high and low , at that time your team replied me same.
    but regularly we are getting everything tick to tick perfectly with proper high and low..

    so i dont think so that we are blocking any main thread..

    so request you send any documentation or write me in reply that what you are talking about.

    waiting for your reply.

  • sujith
    The way websockets work is, a client opens a long-standing connection with the server and listens to all messages. The process involves parsing binary data and sending a list of ticks via onTick. If a user does some post-processing inside the callback then the thread is kept busy and the new message that arrived is queued. But in the meanwhile, the watchdog which monitors the connection health thinks the connection is not live because ping-pong didn't happen which results in connection drop and reconnect.
    The market volatility has increased from last Friday. There are more ticks than usual. Your thread might be overloaded resulting in connection drop and reconnect.

    One correct way to check is to connect Kite Ticker on two independent terminals or systems and in one you do the normal stuff you do with a counter to the number of times onTick is called and in another one add same counter but don't do anything apart from printing the counter. Make sure you don't print data as well.
  • ZI4453
    Every market data will have timestamps,please confirm if they are to the nearest time.That should solve all your doubts,i would recommend to consider(code) time stamp validation(nearest second) to make sure your signals are not mislead because of "expired/delayed tick".
    Apart from broker's end we will have to consider hosting/local PC's usage,
    printing is costly operation when it comes to "milliseconds",
    You also need to consider data processing in milliseconds level....
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