Basic info on API usage.

The per sec API rate limit of 10 orders per sec , is it per user or per app in kite connect? Can I use multiple kite connect app’s to get more API rate limit?
What is the uptime committed to kite connect?
What are the recent downtimes and where can we track in live the status of kite connect ?

Under your point "E" talks of kite not be used for fully automated trades, can you please help me understand this better.
  • rishiswethan
    As a risk management measure, at Zerodha, a single user will not be able to place more than 2000 BO/CO and 2000 NRML/MIS/CNC/AMO orders per day. This restriction is across all segments.

    There are also limitations at 200 orders per minute and 5 orders per second.
  • rishiswethan
    I've been able to access things like prices, historical data at all times, but, account related stuff doesn't work after 1:25AM until about 4 to 6 AM. After that, it works normally
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    @rishiswethan thanks much for guiding toward the article, So this means, a single user even with multiple kite connect applications cant place 2k orders per day with per sec limit of 5 order! @sujith can you confirm :-) also need confirmation on point "E" talks of kite not be used for fully automated trades, can you please help me understand this better.
  • rishiswethan
    1) I'm sure this is the limit, there have been many users that have complained that they don't have enough orders
    2) You need to manually log in at 7AM or 7:30AM(not sure about this) and store the object locally using pickle or .dll file. This will be available to use for the whole day upto around 3AM the next day. Other than this manual log in, your trades in that day can be automated
    It is not time-bound, login is required as per the 24 hour time cycle, every day token expires at 12 pm and after that I can login anytime which would stay active till day end, ie 12pm.
  • rishiswethan
    Login doesn't expire until around 4pm, try it out today if you like
  • sujith
    The per second limit for placing orders have been increased to 10 orders per second. However, the 2000 orders per day are the limit on the Zerodha account by RMS team and it has nothing to do with APIs. So even if you have two Kite Connect apps, you can't place more than 2000 MIS/NRML/CNC and 2000 BO/CO orders.

    As @rishiswethan mentioned, the access tokens are flushed in between 07:00 AM to 07:30 AM. If you generate one after that, you will be logged in till next day morning. You need to log in every day at least once as it is the regulation by the exchange.

    Post MCX markets, BOD kicks in hence you won't be able to access or do any account-related activities using APIs.
    Thanks for the confirmation @sujith @rishiswethan what is BOD here is the conversation?
  • sujith
    BOD means Beginning of the day process.
    What is the historic uptime of kite connect, How can we track real-time downtime(status) of your servers?
  • sujith
    We don't have APIs for checking the status of the servers. You can check status updates here.
    Can I place 1(Quote API)+10(Order place API)+3(Historical API)+10(All other endpoints)=24 request per second?
    @sujith Any update on this
  • sujith
    You can make up to 20 GET requests per second across everything apart from individual rate limits and 10 POST requests per second and there are 200 POST requests per minute limit.
    superb, thanks for the info
    @sujith what is the time taken for kite to confirm on the order placed in live market, basically to return the exchange ID if it's a successful order.
  • ZI4453
    @G_SPACE_D ,
    i am interested to know what is your requirement,(if you feel like to share) infact i am eager to know your hardware setup.Reason being too many API calls and responses will put of traffic in network layer and i had to re write my entire script to manage it with my hardware setup(Onboard LAN)

    I am not from zerodha and these are my results from my tests

    An HTTP post call will take anywhere between 600-1200ms to reach an endpoint and will ,should wait for Response code, even if you have completed your data processing you need to fire those 20 API calls in threading(Python to achieve 20/sec).You also need to ensure that those 20 threads have successfully reached endpoints.

    Regarding order placement to market ideally it should take anywhere between 40-500ms depending where you "Script"("Script running Server, ISP's server") is will get different results when you run from your 4G connection,ISP , Wi fi .
    If you are able to put your script on any physical server located in Mumbai you will get better results.Bangalore servers also seems to respond well..

    Welcome to LFT :)
  • pradeepv
    whats kite connect and API and its utility pls let me know im just signuped here thnx
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