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Hello Sir,

In initial phase of Development of Automated Trading System I need Data to test my Strategies. I will pay for APIs (Kite Connect and Candle Stick). But the payment of both are auto renewal. So, I want to know that there is any way to to stop this auto renewal till Testing of my Automated Trading System. I will be continue with auto renewal after Testing my System.
  • Kailash
    We're working on a free sandbox environment but it's still some time away.

    If you do not deposit any extra credits in your account, your apps will not be auto renewed.
  • Prem
    When I will be pay for first time then after one month my auto renewal is pending and when I will be credit some amount in my account then what happen? Your system automatically deduct my credits for my App?
  • Prem
    Hi Kailash,

    Kindly reply on my doubt.
  • Kailash
    1) If you have enough credits (after the first payment) left in your account for the second renewal, they will be deducted and your app renewed for the second month.
    2) If you have linked your Zerodha account (on the billing page), funds will be deducted from your Zerodha account and the app renewed.

    If you don't want auto renewal, simply deposit enough credits for the creation of the app and don't link your Zerodha account on the billing page.
  • Prem

    If I will deposit enough credits and not link my Zerodha Account then this payment is only one time. If I want to continue for next month then I will manually credit again. its not auto renewal.
    Is it right?

    Kindly reply
  • Vivek
    @Prem If you have enough credits then it will auto renew all the active apps even if you didn't link Zerodha account.
  • Prem

    So, @vivek if I will only credit Rs. 4000 in my account then after one month next renewal will not be done due to lack of credits. if I have enough credit suppose Rs 20000. Then auto renewal process will continue for months until my credit balance become 0 i.e for 5 Months.

    is it right? @vivek

    Kindly reply.
  • Prem
    Hi @vivek ,

    Any reply on this. Am I right?

    Kindly reply.
  • Vivek
    @Prem Yes that's right. If you have enough credits it will keep on auto renewing till you exhaust all your credits. You can also connect zerodha account incase to avoid low balance.
  • saeed349
    Hi @Prem , any update on the sandbox environment. When can we expect this feature. Going live with strategies without paper trading carries a lot of risk.
  • vineet_dhandhania
    Since your sandbox ETA is a moving target, could you provide free API access once a month, only on the mock trading day, only for registered zerodha clients?
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