Some stocks didn't get updated data in daily historical data until market open

Some examples are

The last available date was 03-01-2019. Can I know what happened here? I can provide about 290 more stocks which has this issue, but I just wanted to see why this happened
  • sujith
    Can you let us know which interval you were looking for and what library you are using?
    Can you paste the stack trace of request and response?
  • RishiS
    RishiS edited January 7
    kite.historical_data(instrument_token=instrument_token, from_date='2016-05-09', to_date='2020-01-06',
    interval='day', continuous=False)

    There was no error message, just that it only returned the data in the interval of 'from_date' to '03-01-2020'

    It started working when I checked after market was open
  • sujith
    Can you let us know at what time you tried?
  • RishiS
    Around 7:45AM today
  • sujith
    There was some issue with the historical data yesterday in the morning and it was fixed after a while before markets opened.
  • RishiS
    It would be good to have some kind of alert when you get these issues, I was breaking my head trying to figure what was wrong
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