Not able to find Volume of Stocks in Kite Ticker

Hi All,

I am not able to find the Volume field in Kite Ticker Websocket for the stock.

Here is an example which i am getting from Ticker.

Ticks [ { tradable: false,
mode: 'quote',
instrument_token: 259849,
last_price: 16324.2,
{ high: 16377.15, low: 16226.9, open: 16238.15, close: 16225.9 },
change: 0.605821556893615 } ]

Please help urgent!
  • sujith
    This looks like a non-tradable instrument as mentioned in the first field.

    People don't trade indices, only derivatives of the index are traded. Hence, you won't see the volume for this.
  • mohitsx11
    Thanks for the response @sujith, but if i need the volume to calculate the small cap, mid cap, large cap.... please help me with this. Thanks in advance..
  • sujith
    You can only find the volume for the derivatives of these indices and not indices.
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