Want to Display Option Chain and greeks on website for internal use

I want to make a website for internal use, which will display the option chain for the selected Script and Expiry. The website will show the option chain with the option greeks, as well as other few proprietary metrics.
I can get real-time data using Zerodha API, and use python to get the option greeks as well as other required metrics. I can write the website's UI/Frontend code in Node/React.
Which is the best way I should go about integrating them?
How should I call the dataframe consisting of greeks and other metrics, from my react/node code.
else should I switch my website's code to python?

Help would be appreciated
  • sujith
    I don't think you can display our data on a website. You can write to compliance at kiteconnect(at)zerodha.com, make sure to include a brief description of the platform.
  • Tathagat_Shah
    It is for my use only, and would be hosted on local network.
    Can I not use python, to get your data using zerodha API, preprocess it according to my needs, make an API of that and then the website would call that API?
  • sujith
    You can check compliance-related stuff with the team at kiteconnect(at)zerodh.com
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