How do I calculate the gainers / losers using Kite API?

I wanted to find the stocks which have gained most % in profits in a day.

This is how I wish to approach the problem:

- Get the quotes of the stocks from the Quotes API
- Sort stocks based on the expected change_percent filed (as per API documentation)

The problem is that the response does not have change_percent. This is frustrating.

So, I found net_change field in the API documentation and expected it to be having the hint of how the change happened to the stock value but to my disappointment - it has a default value of 0 for all the stocks:

Zerodha Kite APIs - No change values

How am I supposed to calculate the top gainers now?
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread.
  • xameeramir
    @sujith Thanks for the response, the real problem is about API response not responding as per the API documentation.
  • sujith
    The net change value is powered by the Kite Ticker or Websocket API, The net_change is actually a value published by the exchange. We don't calculate that field, we just pass on the data that is published by the exchange.
    Hence we have suggested calculating the value at your end.
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