Access token expire every day

raxtrader edited August 2020 in Python client
Do i need to generate access token every day? how the access token remains valid?. every day I get below error.

iteconnect.exceptions.TokenException: Incorrect `api_key` or `access_token`.

to solve every day I do following
1. get kite URL (kite.login_url())
3. get request token
4. generate session (kite.generate_session("QiMAh3CndfgdfgdfgfdY6fBjS1doC2NT", api_secret=api_secret))
5. and then set access token (kite.set_access_token("z0gxN7qsYsdffdgdfgdfYlXEOzrl7T"))

This is time consuming process every day and defeats the purpose of working API.

Any solutions?

Note : all the parameter used above is scrambled

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