unable to get started to use the java client

The files Example.java and Test.java are packages as examples in the official github distribution.
I am unable to initialize the kiteconnect client.
I have two questions here.
1. There is no documentration on how these lines of code are significant
// Get login url
String url = kiteConnect.getLoginURL();
Am I supposed to copy this url into a browser and login? This part of the process is not clean and there is no link to any documentation here.
2. Further down, there are lines of code
/* The request token can to be obtained after completion of login process. Check out https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v1/#login-flow for more information.
A request token is valid for only a couple of minutes and can be used only once. An access token is valid for one whole day. Don't call this method for every app run.
Once an access token is received it should be stored in preferences or database for further usage.
User user = kiteConnect.generateSession("xxxxxtttyyy", "xxxxxxxyyyyy");
The link https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v1/#login-flow is dead. Please point me to the documentation for this part.

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