A single sell order is punching multiple sell orders only to stop at 2000th order

I placed a test sell order with zerodha, but the orders kept on punching till 2000th order, i called zerodha support but no one is there to pick up the phone..atleast one should be there to manage api related calls in emergency..because you people are charging a hefty 2000 rs for api..
  • arulchellappa
    the zerodha support number is total waste because they are avoiding you to call them by placing a lot of bizzaire steps like typing a 10 digit mobile number followed by support code only to tell at the end of 15 min that they have no executives..better to switch the broker
  • arulchellappa
    i made the status of api from active to inactive, still the api is pushing orders, we need a emergency kill switch
  • sujith
    You can just kill the script or go to Kite web and do a master logout.
  • arulchellappa
    script was killed...already..
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