Please store expired F&O data for extra 1-2 days.

KamalChhirang edited November 2021 in General
After market closes at 3:30 on thursday, we get only around 13 hours to store the data, before it is deleted. Now 13 hours is enough, it is just cutting the mark. but If we could get some extra time, that would be more helpful.

  • sujith
    Is this about historical data?
  • sujith
    Issue is after expiry the exchange might re-use the same token for some other instrument. Hence it will mess up the whole instruments master.
    And it will be very difficult to maintain and may require a lot of work to overcome this scenario and also we will have to undo all the changes that happened because of this across multiple platforms we use internally.

    I am afraid we can't make changes to APIs in this regard.
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