Kite API is not returning feed for certain instruments

Hi, While I was doing analysis, I realized that Kite API is not returning tick for following instruments: Bank Nifty 39500 PE, Bank Nifty 40000 PE, Bank Nifty 40500 PE, Bank Nifty 41000 PE. These are all weekly instruments. In the attached screenshot, you could see that the length of instruments for which I need the response is 22 (Instruments.png) but in tick arrival (ticks.png), length of the ticks is 20.

  • sujith
    During non market hours, the API returns the cached value. It might be 0. You can try during market hours.
    And make sure you are subscribing to live instruments and not the expired ones.
  • amar1313
    Hi Sujith - the screenshot is during live market. And yes, I have subscribed to live correct instruments.

  • sujith
    Are you using examples as is or did you modify the tickerUsage method?
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