Increase of Throttle Limit

@Kailash & @vivek

I'm using .Net Client and getting Error 429 (Too many requests)
I'm using custom BO where Im continuously checking Order Status of the main order in every 3 sec (as No scope for Post-backs in Desktop App) and once the Order Status is Complete or Rejected or Cancelled, i'm ending the order status checking loop and further action is taken depending upon the order status like placing Tgt & SL order.

When I Trade multiple symbols(Say 10 or above), I'm getting the Error 429 bcoz i'm exceeding the throttle limit of 3/sec.

Could Pls increase the throttle limit....? or at-least for Order Status Checking...?

If possible,send the order update via Websokets, this will benefit desktop Apps.(The only limitation of Desktop App is Auto Order Update only)

Other than post-backs, there should be some other method for sending auto update of Order status for Desktop clients.It is not a good idea to pull the Order Status every time and auto order update is must required feature.
  • sujith
    Webhooks is already available on KiteConnect.
    Checkout docs here
  • smir99
    smir99 edited January 2017
    Sorry, I mean to say Order Status through Websockets.
    Bcoz it is not possible to implement Post-backs in Desktop app.
  • sujith
    sujith edited January 2017
    I would suggest you to add code for processing of webhooks at your server and push it to your client.
  • smir99

    I'm using standalone Desktop App...No server back-end..No post-back url

    Could You Increase the throttle Limit for me ...???
    or else any other suggestion...???
  • sujith
    I am afraid that is not possible.
    The whole point of adding throttle was to block this kind of polling. Please don't poll for getting order status.

    The only way is to process at your server and push to client.
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