Last Trade Time missing in KITE Api

we are building the application for the multiple clients of zerodha as a publisher. We also have subscribed to the Kite API for the data but we could not find the following data from the kite.

1. Last trading time in streaming (web-socket)
2. Margin files for the NFO, BFO, MCX, CDS instruments daily via API/XLS.

Please let me know how to get those data from the kite API.
  • sujith
    1. Last trading time in streaming (web-socket)
    We will be adding this in further releases but we cannot guarantee timeline.
    2. Margin files for the NFO, BFO, MCX, CDS instruments daily via API/XLS.
    We will be providing API for fetching data for this today evening. If everything works fine ;) .
  • wealthyfox
    Hey Sujith,

    Thank you for the quick response. Hope above info will also help you in exposing correct data to other publishers for better product.

    Kanak Shah
  • sujith
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  • wealthyfox
    Hey Sujith,

    Thank you for the links of the API, we are starting to integrate it.

    Now we are waiting for update on "Last trading time in streaming (web-socket)". Hope to see it soon.
  • wealthyfox
    Hey Sujith,

    Trying to figure-out the calculation of margin for the instruments on commodity.

    For e.g:
    {"margin": 13.21, "co_lower": 1.0, "mis_multiplier": 0, "tradingsymbol": "ZINC", "co_upper": 1.9, "nrml_margin": 112714.0, "mis_margin": 56357.0}

    and on the website of zerodha following entries been shown:

    Instrument Lots LTP NRML MIS
    ZINC 5 MT 174.2 114188 57094

    With the LTP price of Rs. 174.20 can you help me figure-out how the normal margin comes to Rs. 114188 with 1/0 as multiplier and margin = 13.21%.

    without multiplier its impossible to calculate the NRML values on real-time data.
  • sujith
    We give margin only for current month and next month contract . We do not provide margin for far month contract because of illiquidity.

    If you are placing cover order for far month contract you need NRML+SL(20%) margin also. Hence CO requires more than NRML margin.

    For more information, please write to [email protected] they can explain you in a better way.
  • wealthyfox

    Here we are trying to evaluate the Normal Margin and span margin based on the LTP and margin (%) on real-time basis.. To do that we need the multiplier so we can derive to the real-time margin.

    Please let me know how it can be done.
  • sujith
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    "ALUMINI": 1000,
    "ALUMINIUM": 5000,
    "BRCRUDEOIL": 100,
    "CARDAMOM": 100,
    "COPPER": 1000,
    "COPPERM": 250,
    "COTTON": 25,
    "CPO": 1000,
    "CRUDEOIL": 100,
    "GOLD": 100,
    "GOLDGUINEA": 1,
    "GOLDM": 10,
    "GOLDPETAL": 1,
    "GOLDPTLDEL": 1,
    "GUARGUM": 1,
    "GUARSEED": 10,
    "KAPAS": 200,
    "KAPASKHALI": 100,
    "LEAD": 5000,
    "LEADMINI": 1000,
    "MENTHAOIL": 360,
    "NATURALGAS": 1250,
    "NICKEL": 250,
    "NICKELM": 100,
    "POTATO": 300,
    "SILVER": 30,
    "SILVER1000": 1,
    "SILVERM": 5,
    "SILVERMIC": 1,
    "STEELRPR": 1,
    "CRUDEOILM": 10,
    "SUGARMKOL": 1,
    "ZINC": 5000,
    "ZINCMINI": 1000,
    "GOLDGLOBAL": 20,
    "PEPPER": 10,
    "RBDPMOLEIN": 1000,
    "COTTONREF": 25,
    "BRASSPHY": 1000
  • wealthyfox
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    Thank you Sujith,

    Is it possible that you show these values in the margin APIs you have exposed ? That will make life easy in programming..

  • sujith
    Sure. We will add it.
  • kiran
    @sujith : is there a way to identify the banned contracts in the list provided.. from this link i could see few contracts were banned, but the same were also present in the api link..
  • kiran
    @sujith: any update on this pls..
  • sujith
    Yes you get margin data for banned scrips also. As of now, we don't have any API for giving out banned scrip list.
    You can check banned scrips here
  • sujith
    We will give out API to fetch banned scrip list later.
  • ankur0101
    @sujith, I'm also waiting for last trade time as this makes easy for data bifurcation.
    I believe exchange runs on It but there may be a difference of few seconds between last trade time of my server and exchange/Zerodha.
    Again when there is no last trade time available, I have to make arrangements to chop data second wise and make candle of one minute which won't be perfect.
  • pawandev
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    How do I calculate the Margin required and Leverage for a particular share while placing BO order?

    I got the json from "" in the below format:-

    {"margin": 0, "co_lower": 4.0, "mis_multiplier": 3.0, "tradingsymbol": "AARTIIND", "co_upper": 16.5, "nrml_margin": 0, "mis_margin": 33.0}

    AARTIIND share price : 794.25

    Please guide me. thanks
  • sujith
    Hi @pawandev,
    I am afraid we can't provide you that data, it is out of the scope. Maybe you can google and find it out.
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